The artist


Born in Nkongsamba, Cameroon in 1958, Bato studies fine arts in St Etienne and the architecture in Paris where he graduates in 1988. Coming back to Saint-Etienne, he decides to dedicate himself exclusively to the painting through the realisation of high portraits. 

From his interest to pygmee culture and egyptian Antiquity, were born works as "columns", "pyramids' slices", "pygmees scriptures" and the "bows" which he also integrates in his stages and architecturals realisation.

His path took him to New York in the 90's for residence and the in Belgium at the Dieleman Gallery from 2004-2006.

His differents art studios have always been, living art places in which all artistics disciplines are mixed (lectures during the "fête du livre", concerts, theatrical performances or choregraphic, conferences, talks) as for instance in 2008 in tribute to Aimé Césaire.

« Bato has this ability to synthesise the world to an extent that he represents it in his immediacy and accessibility. His work is an open book where he narrates the world not as a prophet but more like a storyteller who shares moments of his life. »


(PAGET, Annelise; Extrct from Transculturation et artistes africains : l'être et le paraître. Sens de de la production artistique de peintres africains vivant en France, par l'analyse des images et des discours ; Ethnology thesis, Université Lumière Lyon 2; 1992 ; 100 p., p.68-69.)